I've recently become a big fan....BIG fan, of eBay. I've used it before, about 6 years ago, to buy a DVD set. That was pretty much the limit of my experience. Whilst I loved the idea of it, and was, frankly, reeling at the thought of all manner of things at my fingertips, available with just the teensiest flick of my 'BUY NOW' or 'BID' finger, I steered away, not due to self control, but because I am a tactile person. I like to be able to pick things up and examine them.

That's all changed now. I became so fed up with our old couch, (and not to disrespect the extremely generous place from which it came - thank you my BFF) but it was a two seater with very high arms, meaning no matter what actions you took to contort your body, you could not lie down upon it, (I've just caught myself out in the use of the word upon, rather than on, odd because I reserve proper English for the writing of things other than blogs, however I realized I used it because I have just been listening to Sheldon, who has a very eloquent use of the English language). Anywhoooooo...unable to afford a lovely new couch, or even a lovely second hand couch for that matter, I turned to eBay. After watching numerous items for weeks, pining over many items that would jump up over my limit in the last few hours, I found one that had a starting bid of only $0.99, a weeks auction time and was, while not horrible, particularly un-fancy, but LONG, a 2 and 3 seater set. In the last 5 hours, without a single bid being placed, I placed my own and won the item. Though I could have brought the couch for a dollar, I felt this was just a ridiculous, so I paid $5.00 instead.

It took a bit of back and forth for us to find a suitable time to pick up our newest item of household furniture, what with it being Christmas and all but we worked it out for the morning of New Years Eve. Now my seller, a young 20's single male, living in a share house with 3 other guys, would obviously have plans on such an occasion and told me he might be gone when he got there, the couch was under cover around the back, someone should be home and if they weren't not to worry and to just leave the $1.00 on the outdoor table. Off we trotted with the trailer, (which, incidentally, I must send a small thank you to my friend Heidi because if we didn't have the use of her car we wouldn't have been able to hire the trailer in the first place - xxx).

When we reached the location, we found the sellers housemate Jayse, the older of the 4 in his 40s and the only one without plans for nye. Luck for us because we really would have had a hell of a time getting the couch to the car if he hadn't offered to help Troy carry it. Now here is the part that really made this whole thing a serendipitous purchase. It turns out Jayse is a photographer with about 25 years of experience. This came up in conversation while they were tying the trailer. Now for those who don't know, I'm working toward becoming a photographer so this was instantly exciting to me. After about 10 minutes of conversation I plucked up enough courage to ask Jayse the photographer if he felt open to the idea of staying in contact with me and being a bit of a mentor. He happily gave me his card. I still felt guilty about the now $5 couch and had put a $10 note in my pocket instead with which to pay. So I came away from this adventure with a couch and a mentor technically for $0.99 but out of pocket $10! Not bad I say, not bad at all!

Do you have a serendipidis occurance you would like to share, or more excitingly, one which ties into a RAK or a PIF?

Until I write to you next from the bargain comfort of my $0.99 couch, be kind to each other.

It's a really quick one today. I seem to have just lost an hour of my life when I opened dictionary.com to look for a word, became sidetracked by an article and spent the next 45 minutes writing a list of words from 2012 I'd have banned in 2013 were I to wield such power. That was the nature of the article just to be clear. I didn't just go off on a random tangent. I would understand if you thought otherwise.
The list was long. These were my top 3:
Gutsy - just...don't. Please.
Namaste - I'm sure there are a billion different opinions on this one, and I agree that this word most certainly has a legitimate meaning and place, but in MY opinion, if you are not actually a Hindu yogi guru person in the true sense of the word, or you actually live in a Buddhist, yoga, meditational temple type place, just say hello and goodbye like the rest of us.
And my last one wasn't a word so much as a saying - Keep calm and blah blah blah - C'mon. We're done with this now aren't we? Aren't we??? Next!!

On to RAKs and PIFs. Today I was the receiver of a random act of kindness and feel that these are much more important to share than my own. It was small but made a big difference to me and that's the whole point isn't it.

It was a case of the lady who had a trolly full of shopping who had just pulled up in front of me at the register and started unpacking her goods noticing that I only had milk and dog food to buy and asking me to go ahead of her. I told her I could wait but she insisted. This was a big deal to me because one of the most fun parts of my illness is when Im suddenly hit with an overwhelming level of fatigue, and need to lie down and sleep very quickly. I'd been whacked with the sleepy stick on the way to the supermarket and really needed to get back home quickly. The lady in front of me neither knew nor cared about any of that, she was just doing a nice thing. And that's what it's all about isn't it! You really never know what effect your actions are going to have on another person, both good and bad. I think there's a lesson in that for all of us, don't you?!?!

Please send me any similar stories you have, or, alternatively, I'd love to hear any words you would have banned if you could. Go on, you know you want to get it off your chest.

See you next time, sort of, and always remember to be kind to each other.

It was more so the beginnings of a good deed that took place yesterday than the complete undertaking. It involved entirely emptying out our little shed and creating piles in awkward places around our very small back yard, which we should actually just refer to hensforth as the trampyard. The piles included the chucking, the keeping and the brotherhood and beyond pile. There was a lot, and I mean, more than 2 wheelie bins worth, in the chuck pile. There was very little in the keeping pile, surprising for me, because for those of you who don't know me that well, or do but didn't know this about me, I'm about one magazine subscription and a knitted Christmas jumper collection away from being on the show Horders. But I had decided to be ruthless, and ruthless I was!
There was therefore quite a lot in the brotherhood pile. Among other bits and pieces I found an old beauty case with a whole bunch of items like hotel soaps and shampoos and bottles of things I'd been given as gifts and never used. While standing there trying to decide what to do with all that stuff i came up with an idea. I'm going to make little packs of toiletry items, bag them up with a couple of items of non perishable food like muesli bars and a can of tuna or something and give them out to the homeless people I see around the place, or leave them in the places I know they camp out. Unfortunately my timing was off because about 2 hours after thinking of this but not having yet done it, we went for a walk to our local park where Archie discovered that the large form of a doona on a bench in the sheltered area of the park had a person under it who gave him the fright of his life when it moved. I wanted to hurry home and make up a package. Archie just wanted to hurry anywhere but where the doona was. If he comes into our bed in the middle of the night in about a year from now saying there's a doona under his bed I'll remember why.
This was stage 1 of the clean out. Stage 2 continues today, in my wardrobe!
Today's post is going to be less about a RAK or PIF and instead a small declaration.  I started this blog as a secondary idea to my original commitment, which was to perform one, (at least), act of kindness for someone else every day.  To do something to help someone else, every day.  Now, while this sounds EXTREMELY simple, I'm actually finding it a bit difficult. 

To clarify, I was thinking of mostly random acts, to mostly, but not necessarily, strangers, and generally for someone who needed help, or needed a brightening up or a thank you.  There are millions upon millions of these cases in the world, in each country, town, suburb.  Should be easy, right?  Not as much as I thought.  I have a couple of restrictions, granted, my disability makes it hard sometimes to leave the house, (though I don't want to let that stop me performing an act as I'm convinced there are still plenty of things you can do from your couch), but I also live in a spot where, frankly, people are not all that hard done by, you don't see people begging in the street around the corner from where I live.  So I've had to make a few adjustments to my original commitment. 

I got a bit of a lecture from my husband earlier when I was getting anxious about not having done anything to help anyone today and was on the verge of driving around town actively looking for people in need.  He told me I just can't do something every single day. That it's just not practical with a 2 year old, a disability, a business, and a host of other things that happen in ones day to day lives.  I argued that it was.  That it totally should be.  That doing something for someone else, EVERY DAY, was the point.  I then came home, tripped up the tiny step in our house because I was tiered and not paying attention to what I was doing and had to go to bed for a nap.  That was at 4pm.  I have just woken up at 10.30pm.  He may have a point!

I've therefor decided on a few changes to my original goal.  While it is still, above all else, what I expressed earlier, to help someone in need, to brighten someones day or to make someone smile, I'm going to also consider that doing something for those who I know and love, my friends and family, and doing something for the 'not at all needy', to also count.  I sort of feel all confused about this idea to be honest.  I'm struggling with it.  I want to help the helpless, the down on their luck, the homeless, jobless, loveless.  That is, obviously, where help is needed the most.  HOWEVER, the act of making someone smile, or giving thanks, or just doing something to help, is obviously not limited to these people and is a requirement for humanity as a whole.  And really, helping humanity as a whole, is the big big picture.  Furthermore, you never know where your act of kindness may lead.  I made the comment to someone recently that by paying for the coffee of some well dressed business person who just looks like they're having a bad day, may not seem like the best use of a few dollars.  However, what if that person is snapped out of their crap day by your act of kindness and decides to pay the act forward on their walk back to the office by giving the homeless guy they pass the $20 bill in their wallet.  You just never know.

So, the new, perhaps more realistic parameters of my goal are to just do something for someone.  Hold on.  I need to clarify that this doesn't include something like getting my husband a glass of water, but does include doing something more out of the ordinary for him, something that is not a daily task.  It also extends to my musings on this blog, to include a wider list of RAKs and PIF's and where they originate from.  I'm going to include other peoples acts, both near and far, big and small, simple and extreme, a contact of mine to complete strangers and for the most needy to the most rich in ways of varing degree.  I'm also going to include people who have done something to help me personally, or us as a family, and to be perfectly honest, I could fill a daily blog with this alone such is the amount of help and generosity that I/we receive on a daily basis.  I'm also going to be a little more liberal with my timing, simply because sometimes I'm going to need to be, and include past deeds

If you have an opinion on any of this, I'd really love to hear it, particularly your thoughts on the areas I'm most muddled and unsure about.  What do you think counts, should count, doesnt count?  I'd also as always love to hear your own experiences of RAK's, PIF's or other AOK's (Act's Of Kindness).

Sunday is a great day to do something nice for someone else, so until then, be kind to each other.

I'm afraid today's post (assuming I can type at the speed of light), is actually going to be a filler.  I often use my iPhone to post on the blog now, however because I like to be able to turn the screen sideways making the qwerty bigger, I write the post in notes, and then copy and paste it.  Which is what I'd done with today's post earlier, then leaned over for a mouthful of jelly, (ooh ooh pop quiz! Who said this and in what context:'but I didn't get to shake my belly like a bowl full of Jelly'...AND if your surname is Lange, you may not answer until others have had a turn!!!  Troy Lange, Hannah Lange and Hermione Granger please lower your hands and sit back down in your seats!)...where was I, oh, so I leaned over for a mouthful of Jelly, and then it was gone!  Just gone!

Since I do not have the energy to put my brain into reverse for long enough to remember what I wrote in a hurry tonight, I'm going to borrow the story of another situation in place of my RAK for today and I'll post about it tomorrow.

Now this was actually not a RAK, in that it wasn't at all random.  It was a planned and co-ordinated act of kindness from the Texas A&M,(which I've just learned stand for agricultural and mechanical), Students.  The students created what they refered to as a maroon wall, a human wall formed by them standing side to side and linking arms in the heat of the texan summer in their school colours - a maroon top.  They did this to surround the Colleage Stations Central Baptist Church during the funeral of Lt. Col Roy Tisdale, a Texas A&M alum after he was shot and killed during a training exercise.  Unfortunately, the human wall was necessary, not as an act of respect for the soldier, but to provide a shield, to keep people out.  Thats right.  To keep people from picketing so that the friends and family of a deceased person can greive in a 'normal' manner.  Without being heckled.  At a funeral. 

It stuns me that this is actually happening, however let me introduce you to a group in America, called the Westboro Baptist Church, who spend their time picketing the funerals of soldiers, among others.  They are a fundamentalist church, an anti-gay hate group who have taken their particular cause well below and beyond the line of what being even remotely human is.  They are so far past the line, the line is a dot to them.  They claim that “war casualties are divine revenge for America tolerating gays and lesbians”and carry signs and preach messages such as 'Pray For More Dead Soldiers'.  This isnt about them, its about the students, but one last point I want to add.  I'm not the praying type.  Not in the traditional sense anyway.  And while it would be easy for me to say, if I were, I'd pray that this mob all decide on a mass suicide pact and follow it through.  But what with my newfound feelings of humanism, I actually feel a bit guilty about that idea.  So instead I pray instead for them all just to snap the fuck out of it and start acting like normal, responsible, humans who know how to behave themselves!

Back to the students.  Well there isnt really much more to this story actually.  Its really just a shout out and a report, and maybe a bit of a sort of waffle about how a group can come together for a cause and do something amazing.

Got any stories of your own to share.

Until we meet again, be kind to each other.
I was sitting around the house today, melting in the heat and cursing because of it, (i dont do heat very well, something happens and i get taken over by some horrible witch of a person no-one wants to be anywhere near), and while considering the substantial list of chores I had to get done, I was also wondering what I was going to do for my RAK. I had no plans to leave the house, but I knew this didn't necessarily need to stop me. Troy went to collect the mail and just like magic, came back with one of those bags you get from charities to leave by your letterbox with clothes and so on in. And ta-da! My RAK was sorted. And to it I snapped. In fact, I almost feel like I'm the one who benefited from this chance encounter with said charity bag because, honestly, a clean up is well, let me be clear...W.E.L.L...overdue. I have emptied out two wardrobes full of stuff, from my own clothes to a whole host of baby gear. And I'm being ruthless. Ruthless I tell you!!!

This is also a reminder that you don't actually have to leave the house to be able to do something for someone else, there are plenty of things you can do from home or office. Or car. Wherever. You get it.

Did anyone else perform a RAK or a PIF today? I'd love to hear about it if you did and you can now add it to the comments.

Until tomorrow, be kind to each other.

Welcome to the beginning of what I hope to be a happy new year for everyone...EVERYONE IN THE WORLD! This leads right into the introduction of my own and Be Still My Heart's new exordium.

I've found lately that I've been surrounding myself in a bit of a virtual feel good blanket.  It's all warm and fuzzy with the happiness that comes with helping others. With kindness for the sake of being a human person. With messages of hope, inspiration, the you-can-do-it-ed-ness and the you-are-loved-by-millions (even if you've been living in a cave on an undiscovered island, invented and set up your own wifi and have never set eyes on another human face in your life). They are all messages, in one way or another, of hope for a more rewarding and fulfilling future.

Feeling inspired by my new blanket and rediscovering the benefits that come with helping someone in some way, I've been doing a bit more of it lately. Christmas is always a great time for that. Lots of people find themselves donning a Santa's Little Helper apron, clocking on in the casual employees lounge and handing out a host of extra good deeds in the spirit of Christmas. I'm one of them. But I made a snap decision while my mind was having a bit of a convo with itself on the drive to my NYE celebrations. I decided I wanted to be a permanent employee. And that I wanted to share my earnings. So I've committed to a daily 'Random Act of Kindness' (RAK) or a Pay It Forward (PIF) deed. And then, I'm going to share it with others by writing about it, and hopefully stir up a bit of inspiration in the process.  Now my aim here is to actually be the one to DO the RAKs and PIFs. That's the whole point really. Well, the whole point is just, in its purest and simplest form - do more to help others and try to find some way to make a difference each day. To help someone. Make someone smile. Ease someone's burden or suffering or...whatever! It might be a big act. It might be a tiny one. But the aim is, in a generally sweeping sort of way, the same. I am, however, in touch with my current limitations and know that some days this just might not be possible, and so on those days, I will find something to post representing someone else's RAK or PIF. And when all else fails I'll just post a picture of puppies or something that will in the very least, make one of you smile.

I am, of course, going to be encouraging each of you to join in along the way. I have a grand design in mind you see. A design that involves humans being more like dogs (because - shout it out with m e- WE'RE FOR DOG1S!!). Dogs, living in the moment. Simply. Easily. Loving those around them. And for humans to be more...humane! For us to all be much kinder to one another. To notice the people we pass on the street. To SEE the beggar sitting outside the supermarket. To look people in the eye when we talk to them and say thank you, and mean it. To see someone that could use our help, carrying their shopping, crossing the road, giving them the 20 cents they are short to pay for their coffee so they don't have to break a note, putting money in their meter when you notice it's about to expire. To recognize the jobs our emergency service workers do; to recognize they put their lives on the line for our protection every day; to take responsibility for our own actions and stop calling our cops pigs when you get a speeding ticket and instead thank them for reminding us that our actions could cost not just our lives but the lives of some innocent child crossing the road. For us to just be more human toward one another as the days of our busy lives flow by.

I encourage everyone to adopt a similar stance on 'human relations' and to rise to the challenge of paying it forward and random acts of kindness. You will be amazed at how wonderful you feel for having done so. Not only that, you'll feel a little foolish about all the lengths you've gone to in order to feel good in the past when it turned out all you had to do was give someone a fiver you could spare!

I would love, and I mean LOVE, and be so extremely grateful and appreciative, if you would write and tell me about your RAKs and PIFs so that I can share them on the blog. A little bit of inspiration goes one hell of a long way I've found. Oh, in case you don't know what a PIF is, it's when you do something for someone else without accepting any form of payment in return but encouraging the recipient of your kindness to do something to help someone else when the opportunity arises, and then encouraging that person to do the same, and so on and so on.

While I'm eager for you to spring onto your keyboards, or qwerty's as it is, with reports, comments, encouragement, ideas, just hold onto your words for a day or so while I get a few things sorted out on the site.  I have a few updates to do and may be changing platforms so just give me a few days...I'll let you know.  DO HOWEVER, PLEASE comment via facebook and please, pretty please share the page with others.  This is a project that I want to grow, the more people RAKing and PIFing it up, the better this world will be to live in for everyone.

You can all give a little cheer now as we are at the end of my very long ramble, (if you know me, you know I like to write and if you don't know me, I like to write, I cant help how long it is and you'll get used to it!!) but I do really hope and look forward to hearing about your endeavors and adventures in helping others, you really never know where it might lead and how amazing it will make you feel.

Hmmm...one last little note.  I've been sitting here trying to think of a good sign off.  Something that represents and resonates with what I'm trying to say here.  And though there are many, the one that is stuck in my mind is already taken.  The thing is, I couldn't think of a better person to be copying.  This person, in my humble opinion is the most superior example of what a human should be, were we to require an advertisement to send to mars or the like.  She is kind, honest, funny as hell, and generous beyond reason.  So, until I can think of another, or just decide I'm sticking with this one, in the words of Ellen DeGeneres -

Be kind to one another.

Be Still My Heart

Happiness is something that seems to be missing in a lot of people’s lives, however it's not something that needs to be.  Though it's an emotion that connects us all, that we all strive for, that we should find connects us, in many cases, it not only divides us, but it also seems to be much more elusive than it should be.

For some, being happy IS actually as easy as a click of the fingers and, hey presto, they are happy.  The sad part about that is that it really should be that simple for everyone.  But it's not.  Is it a cup half full situation?  When you ask people who have this much sought after ability to be happy all the time, how they manage it, they all tend to tell you much the same thing.  It’s pretty simple, they say.  They just CHOOSE happiness.  They simply make the decision, on a day to day, hour to hour basis, to be happy.

Yep!  Sure!  Whatever you reckon.  This is what I’m imagining many of you have just said.  You try to just ‘choose’ to be happy when your car has just broken down and the kids school fees are due and the dog has fleas and your 4 year old has lice and you’ve put on 8kg over winter and the bills are due.  Don’t worry, I hear ya.  I'm no stranger to getting up in the morning and finding that instead of the hot shower I was expecting I got a deluge of life’s challenges in its place.  I know all about the school of hard knocks.  What I’m saying though is, regardless of all this, you still have a choice

You can choose to get pissed off and depressed and angry and take it out on your partner and kids and friends and complete strangers on the other end of the phone.  Or you can accept the fact that some stuff isn’t going your way, and that some of that stuff you can do something about, and some of it you can't, but either way, how is getting angry or upset or depressed or whatever else, actually going to HELP the situation?  Chances are, when you ask yourself this question, you will find, if you are truly honest with yourself,  that it won’t.  You may even say, ‘But it will make me feel better to yell at someone about it’.  But will it really?  No.  It won’t.  And if it does, I’m sorry to say that you have way more problems than just trying to be happy.

Now if you are really struggling with finding happiness, at the simple or the extreme end of the scale - maybe you are just generally not a happy person and maybe it's as serious as you actually being clinically depressed - you aren’t going to be able to just turn that around in a week.  Proper deep routed unhappiness or depression can take a long time to work through.  You don’t just go from depressed to elated in a matter of days or weeks, or sometimes even months.  But you can go from ‘depressed’ to ‘sad’.  And then you can go from ‘sad’ to ‘a bit less sad’.  Then there might be a whole bunch of steps in between, and at the other end of the scale, eventually you might come into ‘so-so’, and from so-so, you can step up to ‘alright’, and from there, to ‘pretty good’, and so on until you are HAPPY!!

No matter where you are on the scale from depressed to happy, there are little things you can do, constantly, to help or hinder your situation.  So as simplistic as this may sound, let’s start with a little exercise.  Next time something happens that bugs you, and I don’t mean a major incident, like someone rear ends you or anything like that, but something small, like you get cut off in traffic or someone doesn’t hold the lift for you when they could have, (you know something small that makes you curse them and feel irritated for anywhere up to 5 minutes but then you generally get over it), when you start to feel that pressure of irritation taking over, consciously take a deep breath, if you have it in you, silently wish that person a good day anyway, and then...just let it go! 

WHAT?  Let it go?  But he cut me off!  But I missed the lift because of that jerk!  Yeah.  So what?  So what if the guy cut you off, what happened because of it, you were .3 seconds later in your arrival to your destination than you would have been otherwise?  So you had to wait an extra minute for the lift.  For one thing, what huge difference did it make to your day, but more to the point, how is getting angry or upset going to make even the slightest bit of difference to the situation anyway?   It's not going to change anything at all.  You can't rewind time using your anger as fuel,   That’s really what it comes down to.  How you react to the situation, is actually not going to change it at all, and the only person who is going to be effected by it, is you.  So, next time, just let it go and see how much easier it is to get through your next few minutes of life without a whole lot of angry, upset, negative vibes on your shoulders.

I’d love to hear from you if you decided to take up this challenge and what your experience was.

Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon.

Here is a bit of an example of what being happy looks like - it might help get you started....
Thanks to Maggie and Mel for their comments on the last post by the way, for some reason I'm not currently able to reply, but do appreciate your taking the time to leave a note. 
For anyone that knows me, has followed my blog or had a look through this site at any point, you will know by now that I’m a woman with many, many....many interests.  Some are hobbies.  Some are amusements.  Other words I could use are distractions, diversions, fads or crazes, leisure activities, whims or passions.

The actual definition of a hobby according to Dictionary.com is:

                "An activity or interest perused for pleasure or relaxation, and not as a main occupation".

For me, these hobbies, or leisure activites, these ‘things’, that I do, seem to come from a few different parts of me.  An overly intense drive to create stuff, is probably the main one.  You know how some people are over-achievers?  They must undertake, excel and achieve honours in EVERYTHING?  Well I have that trait in the area of creating.

I don’t know why or where it comes from, but I just like to make ‘stuff’.  And by ‘stuff’, I do mean everything.  From textiles to clothes, art, cupcakes, from outdoor furniture to mosaics, any number of random things from wood, jewellery to stories, long and short, fiction and non fiction. 

It's not always about making something though.  Sometimes its born from an insatiable thirst for knowledge.  When I first learned about iTunesU, the relatively new university app for the i-devices, I immediately downloaded no less than 26 courses, ranging from psychology, physics and philosophy to app development, literary greats and linguistics.  I can spend hours on the internet, watching YouTube videos, reading books, listening to audio files seeking knowledge on any number of topics from welding, creating websites, making crème brulee and studying the different techniques of some of the best impasto painters in the world.  The list goes on and on.  And on.

It's been something I’ve had to defend over time.  It's a laughing point for many of my friends.  A sore spot for my husband.  One of my friends once commented that it's good to have hobbies, but that most people only have one or two, whereas I have about 19.  It was written into our wedding vows that my husband promised to accept and support my ever growing collection of hobbies and interests and I promised to continue to feign interest in football. 

But just in this last few years, I realised, I don’t have to apologise for my growing list.  Its okay if I want to have a lot of interests.  There aren’t any rules that say that you can't.  My husband argues that the problem is that, I never finish anything as a result, because as fast as I might be working on one thing, another idea will catch my attention and I’ll be off.  But I also realised, this too, is allowed.  There is likewise, no rule that states that I have to finish what I start.  I know this might be a trait that has a bad reputation in the world, and in many cases, for good reason.  It wouldn’t be all that idea for someone to go in for open heart surgery and have the surgeon decide halfway through that he wants to go and help fold paper cranes in the childrens wing.  But when we are dealing with our harmless, daily hobbies and interests, there is no problem as far as I can tell.

One area this did cause a problem for me however was when it came to naming my website.  At the time the site was built, the focus was to get my block printed textiles out there.  I knew however that this was not what it would be forever, that due to the large number of interests, and my desire to bring more than one of them into the site in one way or another, that the name needed to be interchangeable and still be relevant to a diverse mix of directions.  And I had to love it.

Done This Day became Be Still My Heart, and I still love that name.  So for the past 6 months or so, I’ve had BSMH sitting dormant while I thought about what direction we were taking next.  So it's time.  BSMH is coming out of hibernation.

There are a few things I want BSMH to be, to become in this new direction, and there are a few things I want it to give. This has been born from a new direction that I’ve taken in my own life, and that I want to share with others.  And the first of these is Happiness.  After spending a lot of the last 6 months investigating this little human emotion that has a profound effect on all of us, I came to the decision that more of a focus needs to go into achieving it.  Get happy.  Be happy.  Live happy.  Spread happiness.  That’s the aim.  Why?  Because I think it's needed.  In each of our lives.  In the lives of our children.  In the lives of the people we pass on the street each day.  In the lives of people around the globe.  Happiness.  Joy.  Laughter.  Appreciation.  They are needed in the world.  So, one of Be Still My Heart’s first initiatives is going to be the pursuit of happiness and to pass it on. 

This is only one of the new directions you are going to see the site take, there are other directions we are going, but we will leave that for another time.

For now, I hope you can find some inspiration in the pursuit of happiness by reading this.  If you need some help in finding happiness, be sure to stay tuned, there will be plenty coming your way to help, starting with the next post.

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon.

Hi Team,

If you think back, you might remember me talking about 2012 being all about growth for Be Still My Heart.  Well, that's clearly not the way things have worked out.  But that's okay.  So, as much as I love my little design and printing thing I've got going on here, the sad fact is that the carving part of the process results in a migraine for me.  A raging, blinding, vomiting, thrashing around in my bed for days bastard of a migraine.  Every. Single. Time.  That isn't something I can really take on board and live with, so I've had to shift my focus.  I'm still going to do a bit of printing here and there, but it will remain a hobby rather than...anything else.

In the last few months I've gone back to the only thing I'm really able to do in my current physical situation and that is write.  Because I'm still in recovery from Guillain Barre Syndrome, and will be for at least the next 3 years, I'm not able to go out and get a job like all you other lucky folk.  So I've re-potted my copywriting roots, and have been working to insert myself back into that industry.

For anyone who isn't sure what copy writing is, here is a quick catch-you-up.  Copy is the basis for the information you read in every direction you turn.  A website home page, about us page, product descriptions and so on are all made up of copy.  The description of a property you are interested in from the local real estate rag, that's copy.  Those long, short, somewhere in the middle length sales pages you read telling you that the secret to loosing 10 centimeters of fat from around your stomach, all copy.  And I write it.

So where does this leave Be Still My Heart you ask anxiously.  Do not fret, it isn't going anywhere.  I still love Be Still My Heart and I'm not ready to give it up yet, so it will continue to churn along here, however it will take a slightly different direction now.  For my writing work, a new site has been set up.  You can learn more by jumping over to www.wadeswrittenword.com and taking a peak.  Please remember me if you know of someone who needs a good copywriter, or if you yourself have a project you would like to discuss.

Keep your eyes open for new posts from Be Still My Heart with new topics and direction, and until then, I hope you are enjoying all life has to offer.

See ya round like a rolo,